Out and About: Gadsby’s Bar American

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What a great way to spend a Thursday evening. Watching a master of mixology (aka Beverage Mercenary) create craft cocktails for a small group of local bloggers.

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The venue. Gadsby’s Bar American in the northeast corner where Columbia meets Ellicott City. A little difficult to find, but very convenient right off Route 100. I like individually owned restaurants where the food is made from scratch, and there are many local ingredients, wines and beers on the menu. Gadsby’s delivers in this respect.

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Chad Spangler, who obviously loves his craft, and excels at it (he makes one very tasty Sazerac as well as the five craft cocktails he made for us. All while explaining the art surrounding his craft. Right down to making their own tonic syrup for their Gin and Tonic. Their own simple syrups. A lavender foam. Yes, you read it right. Creating the foam using a stabilizer…

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The Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar

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I absolutely love farmers’ markets. Fresh produce, talking to the independent farmers and vendors, the food, all the little odds and ends in between – I really enjoy making it an outing. In particular, I love the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar, which just opened this month for the season and is located under the JFX. Visiting the market every Sunday has been part of my summer routine for the last several years, and one I really enjoy with friends. We go to yoga and then head over for a fresh juice and brunch. [FYI: brand new yoga studio M.Power is working with lululemon Harbor East for complimentary classes every Sunday during the month of May - starts on the 4th!]

It was relatively quiet this morning when I stopped by and got my usual (quinoa bowl from The Mushroom Lady and freshly pressed Energizer with extra…

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Hello Synergy! Nice to meet you!

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Have you met Synergy Women’s Fitness?? Why didn’t y’all tell me that this place existed before now? O to the M to the G! Let me dish for a minute.


I attended a fabulous open house at Synergy Fitness last week. And I mean it was fab times five.


I was expecting a workout-palooka of sorts with rotations between different sweaty, smiley instructors but it was waaaaay more chic than that.  I’m talking hors d’oeurves, wine, high heels kinda chic.  On a Thursday evening? I can dig it.

20140414-032442.jpg20140414-032514.jpgphoto 3

I also got a chance to tour this facility which is in two parts. There is the OH! side which is the traditional gym side with treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, group workout rooms, etc. And then directly across the parking lot (yes in another building), there’s the OM! side with yoga, Pilates, and massage rooms. You can be dismantled and…

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