Hello Synergy! Nice to meet you!

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Have you met Synergy Women’s Fitness ?? Why didn’t y’all tell me that this place existed before now? O to the M to the G! Let me dish for a minute.


I attended a fabulous open house at Synergy Fitness last week. And I mean it was fab times five.


I was expecting a workout-palooka of sorts with rotations between different sweaty, smiley instructors but it was waaaaay more chic than that.  I’m talking hors d’oeurves, wine, high heels kinda chic.  On a Thursday evening? I can dig it.

20140414-032442.jpg20140414-032514.jpgphoto 3

I also got a chance to tour this facility which is in two parts. There is the OH! side which is the traditional gym side with treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, group workout rooms, etc. And then directly across the parking lot (yes in another building), there’s the OM! side with yoga, Pilates, and massage rooms. You can be dismantled and…

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Brunch: Sunday Funday at Rowhouse and Ryleigh’s


Reading this reminded me that I need to make time for the occasional “Sundae Fundae” again! I thank you for that m’lady.

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I love brunch followed by a nap…but I also love brunch followed by a good ol’ fashioned Sunday Funday. Two weeks ago (I know, this is a late post) I had the pleasure of a delicious day spent bouncing between Rowhouse and Ryleigh’s. There was brunch. There were bloodies. There were oysters. Fun ensued.


First up: Brunch at Rowhouse. It’s one of my favorite dinner spots (a good salad and bowl of mussels does it for me every time) and I’ve been wanting to brunch here for a while. The day was freezing and the bar was packed. We sat in the dining room, which was quiet and cozy, and ordered classic comfort food: For me, the Shrimp & Grits; for him, Hugh Sisson’s Cream Chip Beef.

Honestly, this was a really hard pick because so much on the menu looked great (breakfast tacos! chicken and waffles!) and Rowhouse…

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